Why won't some posts stay hidden?

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This is (usually) not Social Fixer misbehaving, but rather Facebook being glitchy.

Each post on Facebook has a unique ID that is called a "FBID". The FBID is delivered by Facebook in the source of the page, and it's what SFX uses to identify individual posts. When you mark a post as read, the FBID is recorded. But Facebook has a problem - when you reload the page and look at the FBID again for the same post, you'll see that it has changed! So SFX thinks this is a whole new post and shows it again. Every time you reload the page, the FBID will change, so the post never goes away!

SFX actually has code in it to try to account for this weird Facebook glitch. For certain story types that are known to have randomly-changing FBID's, SFX constructs its own unique identifier using other data from the post. This approach isn't perfect, though, so it's not used by default. I have to add code to handle each case where this happens.

How to Debug! If you want to help figure out what is going on, take the following steps:

  1. Locate an example post that won't stay hidden.
  2. Click the "i" icon in the upper right that appears when you hover over the post
  3. Debug information should appear under the post. Click the red link to send the debug info, and copy the url.
  4. Reload the page
  5. Repeat the same steps to get the debug info url again
  6. Compare the fbid's in the debug info. Are they different? If so, then that's why it's not staying hidden
  7. Post to the Social Fixer Wall with the two debug snippets, which will help me figure out how to handle this case correctly.

If the FBID is not different, or if no posts at all will stay hidden after refresh, then you may have a problem with your preferences not being stored correctly. Why won't Social Fixer keep my preferences?


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