Why is the new version not found when I check for Add-On updates in Firefox?

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For support, please join the Social Fixer User Support Facebook group.

For up to date information, go to the Social Fixer FB page or the
Social Fixer website.

The Social Fixer Add-on on addons.mozilla.org must go through an approval process after being submitted, before it is posted and made available to all add-on users. This can sometimes take over a week! Unfortunately, this is out of my control. I submit the updates to Mozilla on the same day that I release new versions on socialfixer.com.

Instead of installing from addons.mozilla.org, you can download the update directly from socialfixer.com. Click here to download the Firefox add-on directly. It has the exact same functionality. When new updates are available, Social Fixer will alert you and you can download from the site again, rather than going through the browser's built-in add-on update process.


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