Why does Social Fixer auto-subscribe me to the "Social Fixer News" list?

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First of all, if you don't like it, you can disable it in Options->Advanced. You can easily remove the list with a couple clicks.

But… why does it auto-subscribe? I'll tell you why.

I am a one-man operation, and supporting over 300,000 users takes a lot of effort. It's exhausting. And what makes it worse is that I get the same questions over and over - often about things that I've already posted about, or fixed in the most recent version!

So, I try to get the word out about things using the Social Fixer Page, which most users "Like". Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't show most users the posts. It artificially limits visibility of posts, so typically less than 20% of my users ever see the important messages I post. This is a problem!

So as a way around this, and to get important news out to users, I auto-subscribe users to my Social Fixer News list, which only contains the Page. When I post there, users will see a counter, indicating there are new posts to read. The goal is not to spam users (I never will) or to try to be tricky. My goal is simply to try to offer better support, keep users informed, and to ease the huge strain that support puts on me.

Originally Social Fixer was supposed to prompt the user for permission before auto-subscribing. But, there turned out to be some problems with that. I am working on fixing it so it will be easier to opt out if you wish.


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