Why do tabs for games sometimes appear and sometimes not?

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The default behavior of SFX is to add tabs for each application that appears in the feed. This means that if there is a post from Farmville, for example, that a Farmville tab will be created and the post will be moved there. If there are no Farmville posts, the Farmville tab will not be created. So, the tabs that you see depend on what posts are actually in your feed at the moment. You may see a tab for a specific app right now, but later it may not be there. This is the correct behavior.

You can disable this default action in Options->Feed Filter and uncheck "Automatically move known App (those in list below) posts to their own tab".

If an application you use is not listed in the list of apps, and not auto-tabbed, then see How do I add an app to the list of "known" apps?


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