When Social Fixer is enabled, my browser goes really slow or locks up

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Social Fixer runs code any time the document is updated, and checks for posts to process. It then has to go through a complicated series of steps to process the post, check it against filters, etc. For most people, this process slows down their browser just a small amount that is barely noticeable. But for a few, it causes the browser to become really slow or lock up.

These are some possible causes:

  1. If you have other add-ons, extensions, or toolbars installed that also manipulate or check Facebook pages, they might be causing a conflict. Try disabling all other add-ons and extensions and see if speed increases.
  2. For some people, having the auto-expand of similar posts enabled causes slowdown. Disable it in Options.
  3. Auto-clicking of Older Posts may cause a noticeable delay. Either set it to 0 or wait for the short time after you load Facebook while it clicks and processes older posts.
  4. Disable the option to "Put posts in proper chronological order after expanding" (it is off by default)
  5. The AVG LinkScanner has been reported to cause huge slowdown.
  6. If you have a slow or old computer, or an old version of your browser, consider upgrading. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of Social Fixer.


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