What is Pocket and the "Save For Later" feature?

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Pocket (formerly "Read It Later") is a popular tool that enables you to save a "reading list" of URL's to read later. There are apps for mobile devices and browser plugins available.

The idea behind the Save For Later icon is that you can easily add stories to your Pocket reading list. This way, you can continue scanning your Facebook news feed while accumulating stories you want to read later. Then you can read them from within your browser, or check them later from your mobile device which syncs with your Pocket reading list.

If the window pops up with a large login screen that doesn't fit within the popup, this means that you are not signed into Pocket in your browser. Sign in, either in the small popup window or in a separate browser tab, and then it should show the 'add story' dialog correctly.

Q: Can I add stories to other services instead of Pocket?
A: No, not yet. In the future, yes.
Q: Can you auto-close the Pocket popup window when I save an item?
A: No, unfortunately I cannot, due to technical reasons. The close button needs to be used.


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