What causes friends to appear in the Friend Tracker?

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Usually, it's because they are no longer your friend! :)

But, there are a few quirks to note about this feature of Social Fixer:

  • Sometimes Facebook's internal data becomes temporarily corrupt, and it will return data to Social Fixer that says you are no longer friends with someone, but this isn't true. Unfortunately, there isn't anything I can do about this case. Facebook returns corrupt data, and all I can do is show it.
  • If a friend temporarily disables his or her profile, they will show up as no longer being a friend
  • If a friend has blocked you, they will show up as no longer being a friend
  • Sometimes Facebook's internal system causes user profiles to become unavailable. If this happens to one of your friends, then during this time they may show up as having unfriended you.
  • If you have more than 3,500 friends, results may not be accurate

If you see that a friend has "re-friended" you, this means that they have become your friend again, or re-activated their profile, or a Facebook glitch has been cleared up.

Unfortunately, Social Fixer is unable to distinguish between these cases because it just receives a list of friends and tracks the way the list changes over time. Facebook doesn't provide data about why friends are or are not included in the list.


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