The "Update Available" Notification won't go away!

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For support, please join the Social Fixer User Support Facebook group.

For up to date information, go to the Social Fixer FB page or the
Social Fixer website.

Possible Causes

  • Browser cache is full/corrupt
  • You have an older version of the extension installed
  • There are two versions of SFX installed
    • This can happen when you update an extension and the previous version is not removed.
    • It may also happen when you install the extension from the browser's own add-ons site (i.e. Add-ons for Firefox, Chrome Web Store, Opera Add-ons) and update from SFX's website. Your browser may see these as two different extensions entirely, and intall the new one and keep the old one!
    • Check your list of browser extensions for multiple versions and remove any extras, leaving only the current version.


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