Something isn't working! What's wrong? How do I debug the problem?

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For support, please join the Social Fixer User Support Facebook group.

For up to date information, go to the Social Fixer FB page or the
Social Fixer website.

First, understand that Facebook often has glitches and problems on its own. Many problems that users think are caused by SFX are actually just Facebook screwing up. To check, you can always disable SFX and see if the problem persists. You can also view Facebook's Known Issues page on Facebook to see if they are reporting any problems at the moment.

Second, understand that Facebook changes their code and page structure seemingly at random. SFX inspects the underlying code that Facebook delivers and looks for known structures in order to extract the information it needs. If the structure changes, then SFX may no longer be able to find the information it needs, and features may stop working. In these cases, I work as fast as I can to release a new version that takes into account these changes. Sometimes, changes are visible to some users and not others. If I don't see the change myself, it is very difficult for me to identify the change that Facebook has made and update the code accordingly. It may take some additional time, and I may need to get assistance from other SFX users. Read more at How It Works (and why it sometimes doesn't).

Before concluding that a problem is caused by SFX, try temporarily disabling it. You can do that by choosing "Disable Social Fixer" from the wrench menu in the blue header bar. The page will refresh, and Social Fixer will not make any changes to the page. If the problem is still there, then you can be confident that it is not caused by Social Fixer. You can re-enable SFX by choosing the only option listed under the red wrench icon.

If you are pretty sure that the problem is caused by SFX, try to reproduce the problem to understand exactly what the cause is and under what circumstances it appears. Then post to the User Issues forum. Include your browser and version, and describe in detail what you see happening and what you expect to happen instead.

Also, check the known issues to see if someone else has reported the problem. People often report the same issues that are already known.

If individual posts are showing that shouldn't, or posts are not being processed how you expect them to be, then click the "i" icon in the icon tray for the individual post. This will reveal some debug information that will be helpful in identifying the problem. In particular click the red link to save the post's debug information on a server, and then paste the url it gives back to you in a post to the SFX Page.


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