Is Social Fixer available in other languages?

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Not right now, no. I would like to offer Social Fixer in other languages, and I plan to at some point. But right now it is not feasible because:

  • Much of the code needs to be re-organized or re-written to allow for translation of strings
  • A new interface needs to be created to allow the user to select their language
  • I update Social Fixer frequently, and every time I do so the translations would need to be updated also

I'm working on some ideas that would allow translations to be created at any time, and the user can enter any url that contains the translation they wish (and/or select a language from a dropdown). If a new string in Social Fixer isn't translated yet, the English version would be used.

Along with this would need to be an interface for translators to see the list of strings in Social Fixer and provide their translations. Needless to say, this is all a lot of work, which explains why it hasn't been done yet! :)


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