Does Social Fixer compromise my privacy or security?

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No and No. And it never will!

Social Fixer is a javascript program that runs in your browser when you are logged into Facebook. It does run as you, and the program has access to your information that is displayed on the page - it needs to in order to process it all! This is standard for any browser script or extension.

Requests are made back to the Facebook servers to retrieve your personal data like your friends list, groups, etc. This data is stored in your browser and nowhere else! (See where-are-my-preferences-stored). None of your data is ever transmitted to any other site, nor stored anywhere but in your browser. The only requests made to non-Facebook servers are the requests made to to check for new versions and to check for any important messages that need to be displayed. No uniquely identifying information is ever sent - only your current version number in order to check for updates. The check for updates can be turned off in Options (but is of course not recommended).

None of your Facebook settings or data is ever changed by Social Fixer. It does not update your personal information, or your status, or your friends lists, or any other information about you or in your account. It only processes information - it never changes it.

If you have any other questions about privacy or security, please post to the Social Fixer Page and I will respond and update this FAQ.


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