Can Social Fixer revert the Timeline profiles to the old format?

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For support, please join the Social Fixer User Support Facebook group.

For up to date information, go to the Social Fixer FB page or the
Social Fixer website.

Social Fixer can customize the way YOU view Timeline pages, whether it's your profile or others. Currently, Social Fixer can customize Timelines in the following ways:

  • View posts in a single column
  • Hide cover photos
  • Hide the Friends box that is always visible
  • Hide the check-in maps

In future releases, I hope to be able to:

  • Put the friends list in alphabetical order
  • Resize photos so they are not cropped
  • More things, as I find what annoys users and find fixes for them!

One important point that needs to be understood is that Social Fixer cannot change how your Timeline appears to other users! Since Social Fixer is a browser plug-in, only people using it will see the modified Timeline view. There is absolutely no way to change how others see your Timeline except by using the controls that Facebook gives you. Any application, program, or web site claiming to do so is a fraud.


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