A filter doesn't seem to be applied correctly. What is wrong?

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First, go into Options → Filtering. Do you see filters listed at the bottom? Are the values in them correct? Look near the top of the same tab. Is "Enable Filters" checked?

If filters are enabled, then go to a specific post that you think should be filtered, but isn't. Hover over the post and click the "i" icon that appears in the upper right. This will make a box of debug information show up. You can easily send this debug info to the developer or others to help by clicking on the red link at the top, and then copy/pasting the link that is returned to you.

If you are not seeing tabs for application posts (like Farmville, etc), make sure this is enabled in the first tab ("Popular") of Options: "Automatically move posts from Apps into their own tabs"

Finally, you may misunderstand how filters work. Filters only work on the posts that are on the page. If you have defined a filter for a specific type of post to move to a tab, but no posts match that filter, then no posts will be in that tab. Depending on your options, the tab may not even be created if there are no posts to put into it.


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